Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Letter to My Brother Newt Gingrich

To me, Newt Gingrinch is the original neocon, using Christians and social issues to advance his anti-worker, free-market gravy-train-for-the-rich passions. No one should forget he supported Bush-Cheney every step of the way. Thanks for The Disaster your ideology brought us, Newt Gingrinch.

Hopefully we're beginning to see Christians read the actual Bible; Jesus was not a greedy, materialistic, "Virtue of Selfishness" capitalist. He and His Disciples advocated just the opposite:


About Gay Marriage
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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Faces Of GOP Schism Starting To Take Shape

The GOP is in serious trouble because their every dimension, social, economic, geopolitical, environmental, fiscal, etc., etc.--each lending itself to a potential faction vying for power--is utterly discredited. Which loser or combination of losers will they end up going with?
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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

McCain Leno Interview: Don't Blame Palin

There goes Sarah Palin--trying to blame The Disaster on Bush rather than on her own ideology. Bush/Cheney, combined w. Republican control of all 3 branches of government, was the enactment of neocon ideology and character, that of the Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute, Heartland, and all the other rightwing thinktanks, through Limbaugh/Hannity/O'Reilly,Fox News etc., etc., etc. Bush did not do it alone; the entire party and their rightwing media entities were lockstepping it together and lashed out strongly at any opposition all the way. Palin was right there with them and spouted the exact same ideological baloney all rightwingers did for the last 8 years even up to the final day of the presidential campaign. Own up to it Republicans: time for self-reflection and re-evaluation of your disastrous ideology. There's not a single thing you were involved in that wasn't sent into a tailspin. The only place to go is left.

Monday, November 10, 2008

David Brooks: Conservative Movement Has

Conservatives do not "lack a coherent belief system." The problem is, even after its comprehensive and historically disastrous results, they still believe it.
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Friday, November 7, 2008

Minnesota Senate Race: Typo Fix Gives Franken 100 More Votes

"Well of course not. It is just like the Republicans claiming that Obama will be moderate right after accusin him of being a socialist and communist. These guys are shameless."

Is that so, in the event Obama's successful, they won't have to admit socialism was successful?
About Senate Races
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